Cubase menus GUI redesign

Hello steinberg team

Why not re-design the menus again and make them completely black, tidy and organized also the design is inconsistent with the basic program interface

It is annoying to have a modern program with very old and ugly design menus and also tired to look

Is it too difficult to redesign these menus?

Cubase vs other

also protools is completly re-design all windows and some icons all in black and more flat

All of these programs have , in all windows:
warning popup , loadings
design is unified, and the brightness can be controlled

thank u

I hate black/negative GUIs!
That being said, I agree that it is kind of embarrassing that several years after they started the “new” look, there are still some dialogs left from SX days… although I do like the colors better than the all black design (I HATE negative GUIs! Did I mention that?)

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I like Cubase KC gui

Hi fese thank u for answer

If there is an option that allows switching between main colors (theme) and brightness, such as Protools, Studio One, and Ableton, it will be great.
This option will allow you to customize it to the color that suits you. I did not mean that it should be black for all users,
but rather unite according to your colors and choices. According to their settings,

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Am sorry i didnt understand what u mean by KC?

I guess Key Commands menu.

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:joy:Yeah very nice Gui

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’d rather have Steinberg fixing actual issues rather than wasting resources on menus or cosmetic details that work perfectly fine as is.

I agree with you 100%
I also have some features i wish steinberg to added soon such as : more than 4 CUES in control room
and problems that I want to solve in the first place

But I raised this issue as a question and also when I work in a somewhat dark environment such as the studio in which I work for hours, I face some fatigue when opening these menus and concentrating within them

I hope that these points are not ignored, also is very important and will not take a long time to modify and change, and it should have been redesigned a long time ago, but in every update I am surprised that they are still on the same menus , dialog design as if they have no intention of changing

works fine on mac, maybe it’s a windows only issue?

I know that cubase in mac a tidy and clean GUI, but in Windows it is very ugly and untidy and the buttons are inconsistent

Knowing that Microsoft, since the launch of Windows 8, has facilitated the dev tools to transfer programs to the new UI, even in Windows 7 there were tools related to the design and it does not take time at all.
But every time Windows is updated, the process is made easier for programmers

Even Microsoft terminal , Word and Excel programs, Adobe and other companies, all companies have updated their designs and UI , and every detail, small and large, in the form of the new Microsoft UI

Microsoft in windows 11 is constantly getting rid of all the old dialogs

I brought up this topic. I don’t know why Steinberg neglected it all this time. It’s really annoying, especially when you first open the settings window. It is very inconvenient to look, especially since all your gadgets, even the pages of websites, programs, and the system interface have become dark
Suddenly a bright window appears

Software development isn’t that simple.

Anyway, take a look at Dorico’s dark menus, if Cubase were to ever change its appearance, I think that’s where they would draw inspiration from.

I know I’m the odd one out but the less it goes dark and modern, the better.

Older software design was built on common sense. New and modern design is nothing short of madness IMO. Small grey text on dark background, hardly any colour separation beyond shades of grey, no borders, nothing stands out, hard to tell if something is disabled or enabled. I don’t want, or need, pretty and clean - I only need functional, fast and simple. The old SX versions were far superior in graphic design.

The newer versions are visually difficult enough to use as they are. If they ever replace the file menus with the “ribbon,” and all remaining text with black and white 2D non-sensical icons, I’m outa’ here, it really will be the last straw for me.


Looks good, how do you change the menus color?

Programming contains the stages of writing code, especially in large programs, which is very complicated.
But re-designing menus does not have any difficulty, so that the tools are almost ready for more than 8 years, things have become easier and easier
Take a look on YouTube for tools that help design programs, whether they are from Microsoft or from other parties

I studied programming at the university, and the most beautiful part was the design of the program, and the most difficult stage was writing the code. I cannot create a program now, but I am able to create a graphical interface in minutes

There may be some changes in the code when changing the design, but it will not be a big problem

The new Dorico has a really nice and comfortable design,
When Steinberg announced that it would cancel version 11.5, I expected it to redesign all the old menus and icons and improve color and brightness change options.
And when I saw Dorico’s program, I was hopeful, but then I was disappointed when Cubase version 12 came out with the same old windows and menus.

i didn’t change it, i just use the dark mode on the OS on mac

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The new Windows 11 design UI isn’t flat and isn’t 2D
I don’t like flat designs like Studio One and Ableton, they are too cumbersome

But coordinating the design and dark colors or choosing the color , BRIGHTNESS manually is required and convenient

The design of CUBASE as an interface is one of the most beautiful designs of DAWS and it is very comfortable, but the old menus are very ugly and inconsistent

Overall, thank you for your opinion and I agree with you if you mean flat design is annoying