I recently upgraded to cubase 8.5

how can I control the metronome volume during playback and recording without going into METRONOME SETUP every time ?

there use to be a metronome volume control\fader in the CONTROL ROOM MIXER
but this version has only an ON\OFF button over there…
how can it be ?
why to eliminate or hide this useful option ?

and anyway how can I control and change the metronome volume easily ?

Don’t use the stock metronome. Set up a MIDI metronome with a VST instrument. That’ll give you the metronome on a channel in the mixconsole. Mute, fader, etc. at your fingertips.

The volume slider for the metronome, listen dim and buss, and talk dim are hidden by default. You can get at them by clicking the ‘Main’ tab in the control room.

I hate the fact that the tab doesn’t indicate whether it is expanded or collapsed. :wink:

I agree. There is no way for a user who hasn’t already found it to find it. It’s like there’s a trend to hide things, in the interest of clean or slick interface…

Yep, this one got me for a good few minutes the other day!! The control does need a gui overhaul to make it more logical and to bring out more useful features. For example, it could become a lot wider and more like the regular mixers in styling…

I have recently assigned a fader on my remote nonoKontrol for click volume. I find it very useful during tracking because I can ride the click volume if I feel the player/singer is not spot on the beat.