Cubase MIDI import possible BUG?

There seems someting is not right with importing midi tracks into Cubase projects.
Everytime I import a track it randomly transposes -5 semitones. Looking in the List Editor there is no cc data
removed all controllers and continuous controllers command, but no joy.

Sometimes you need to restart the project 2 or 3 times before it plays correctly.
I’ve now already had this with 2 seperate projects where i imported 2 different midi files.
Once the project is in this state, there is nothing you can do to change it.

The piano roll and midi keyboard keys also sound 5 semitones lower when pressing them (just the affected track)
creating a new track and copying the note info without restarting does not solve the problem.

Are there more people who’ve had simmilar experiences when importing midi data into projects?

What do you use to create the original midi files? Also, do you have any active midi inserts on the affected track? It sounds like there’s a Midi Modifier insert that transposes everything on the track. When you look at the piano roll, do you see the notes in right places?

it’s not always but when it happens notes are in the wrong places.
the midi files are exported from Ableton

You could test with midi files from another source. Keep us posted. S.

Or post the problematic files so that the others could try importing them to their systems?