Cubase MIDI issues with X-Touch / X-Air

Hi there,

I have recently started building a combined digital mixer/recording setup. From Behringer we have the XR-18 digital mixer, X-Touch control surface and the X-Air App. For recording I have a Lenovo laptop on Win 10 with Cubase Elements 9.5

Issue: In Cubase, Audio is fine, but no MIDI signal is received-from or sent-to XR18/X-Touch. Details below (I would gladly have posted a PDF with the full info, but it’s not possible…).

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated - this is driving me nuts.

Cheers, Alan


General Setup

  1. All software is at latest update/patch level; X-Air, Cubase 9.5, Windows and obvious drivers
  2. The XR-18 ASIO driver is current
  3. Firmware for the XR-18 and X-Touch is at latest level
  4. The XR-18, X-Touch and Windows laptop running Cubase are all connected via Ethernet cable to a netgear dual band router. I use DHCP throughout. There is no wireless in this setup (yet).
  5. The X-Air Mixer app is installed on the Laptop, as is Cubase 9.5.
  6. Upon starting the X-Air App on the Laptop, I’m able to move sliders and push buttons (like mute and solo), and the X-Touch control surface mimics those changes. Vice-versa works too. All good there.
  7. The X-Touch is configured with Mackie Control mode (MC) and is set to use Ethernet and NOT USB or MIDI cables. MIDI is obviously being sent/received ok via the network router between the Behringer devices.
  8. For audio, the Laptop takes a USB feed from the XR-18 Mixer. In Cubase I have configured 18 audio inputs/outputs to point to the XR-18 mixer. Audio coming into the mixer is visible through the led meters in X-air and X-Touch and audible via headphone monitoring on the X-Air. In Cubase we have visible led signals as well. If I hit ‘record’ in Cubase a track with waveform is recorded. All good there.

9. In X-Air I have used the MIDI settings below. Help Info is a not easy to come by, but my logic here was that as I am not using MIDI via USB or DIN cables I just unticked those options:
X-air Settings Audio_MIDI.png
It seems to be fine as we are seeing successful MIDI communication via Ethernet between X-Air and X-Touch…

  1. In order to ‘see’ the X-Touch device as a MIDI device in Cubase I had to install a separate piece of software called rtpMIDI from Tobias Erichsen at
    It is setup like this:

    I’m not sure If I’ve done this right; it’s not an easy piece of software to understand at all.
    Ports are not well explained… Latency is 0ms in each case despite what the second screenshot says above, so I assume data is transferred ok?

  2. In Cubase the MIDI settings are then setup as follows:

    The settings for X-Touch are similar (I would have posted more but the 3 file limit is killing me)

  3. Now it all goes south. I saved all and restarted Cubase just in case. If I hit any keys/sliders on the X-Touch or the X-Air App they move in unison as I said before, but NOTHING is reflected in Cubase. There is no MIDI signal in the right-hand side of the transport panel, so I guess no MIDI signal is ever received by Cubase. I just can’t figure out why. Any ideas please?

I tried this tip below, but no help:

Any help greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Alan

update. Ok so I realise now the rtpMIDI setup is a mess. There seem to be a few things out there, but I’m gonna try Touchdaw.

Anyone got any suggestions re best software to use / method to use?

Cheers, Alan