Cubase MIDI Out

Hey guys,

I have a MIDI port that I’d like to receive all of Cubases MIDI. Everything works fine when I create a MIDI track devoted to the device I’d like to receive MIDI, but if I load an instrument like Kontakt I would like Cubase to also send the MIDI to this other device as well. The device is a touch screen with a keyboard on it that I’d like to use to monitor the notes being played on a track.

Does anyone know of a solution?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just copy the track, send 1 to kontakt and the other to your device

I thought of that but I’m dealing with a huge amount of tracks for each project so it would make the whole process really cumbersome. I was hoping a more elegant solution was available. I just need the MIDI echoed to another output essentially. :slight_smile:

If you have CuBase Pro, and if you are working with a MIDI track (not instrument tracks) you get up to 4 aux MIDI Sends which can be directed to any Port/Instrument/Channel. Just leave the effect slot empty, but choose an output device/channel and toggle the slot active.

Sometimes people miss this because they’re working with Instrument tracks. If it’s a part you need to echo to multiple instruments/channels, then create a MIDI track and select all the parts (select the instrument track, right click and chose select all) and move them to the MIDI Track where you’ll get access to the MIDI sends (drag and drop, or make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the project and do cut/paste to the MIDI track with key-combos). If this is something you do often, it might prove to be a better work flow to load your instruments in ‘rack’ mode and use MIDI Tracks instead of loading them on independent ‘instrument tracks’.

If you are on a version of Cubase that does not have the MIDI Send tab at all, you could use a virtual MIDI port through empty MIDI tracks that are armed for Monitoring. I.E. Set the main track with material in it to send OUT to the Virtual Port (make sure that this track’s input is NOT your virtual port), then set up several empty tracks with their input set to that same virtual port. To set up virtual ports on Windows one can use loopMIDI . For Macs you’d make some adjustments to the IAC settings.