Cubase - Midi port reset


When i change a port name in my iConnectivity Mio XL, it is not reflecting in Cubase, even when i click on the reset button.

Any idea?

Example here, i just added a Korg SQ-64 to my set-up:

  • I used mioXL Midi DIN 5, which was used by my SH-01, and renamed it Korg SQ-64.

  • I rename my previous Midi DIN port 4 from Korg to Korg Minilogue to avoid any confusion

Nothing changes in Cubase…


If I understand you correct, you use any 3rd party application to rename a MIDI Port, right?

Cubase gets the MIDI Port name from the operating system. So the 3rd party application would need to change the name on the system level.

In Cubase you can set the “Show As” to customize the MIDI Port names in Cubase.

Good morning, thxs for your reply that have put me in the right direction & I solved it just now.
3rd party app: yes it’s Auracle software from the iconnectivity midi interface
Looking at this forum post from iconnectivity, i just managed to fix this, so for everyone’s reference: Setting Custom MIDI Port Names for OS X and iOS — iConnectivity Forum

You remove the device from mac OS ‘Midi Set-up’ page, reboot, and rescann the midi port:

Have a nice week end

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