Cubase Midi Remote Extensions Library

My initial reaction when I saw Cubase Midi Remote Scripts was basically “yes, now I can finally navigate Cubase using the 3 knobs on my Monogram Creative Console!” :raised_hands:

I have just started to play around a bit with the scripting features and mainly focused on creating additional helpers functions and classes to create advanced controllers that can send commands when changing knobs. This ended up in a Cubase library that I first kept private but thought maybe was useful enough to make public.

So anyway here’s the library. Hope it helps anyone looking to use knobs to send Cubase commands on their controller. Feel free to copy and share and provide feedback if you find anything missing or not working :blush:


Cool. Brilliant.

Hi @pettor, I knew the day would come :joy:.
I have prepared an offical steinberg MIDI Remote repo on GitHub too, but didn’t set it public yet. Would you like to contribute on that? I like the way you’re structuring your repo.


@Jochen_Trappe Interesting! Is this official as in something Steinberg themselves will host, contribute and manage to?

If that’s the case I would gladely contribute to that repository :blush:

No, the idea is more having a GitHub repo for the users to publish their scripts. At the moment it is done within the forum, which isn’t that bad. But I’m not sure if we lose the benefits of the forum if we move over to GitHub for the user scripts. Maybe I should open a discussion on that right now.

I think there should be a GitHub repo anyway, since a lot of dev-minded people will want to get involved.
How this would be integrated/duplicated within the forum is another thing.

We seem to be thinking along some of the same lines. I see you have a way of creating some semblance of OO in ES5. I found it easier to use TypeScript, but couldn’t figure the imports out.

So I have some issues there. I also didn’t use typing do to this as well.
However, I was thinking that the Controller could be abstracted away from being specific to the device.

One thing to note is that your approach will only allow the “controller” to work on a single page.
Maybe we could colaborate?

See the code here, and look for the similarity with your library in the Controllers.