Bringing user scripts to GitHub

Hi there,

It is amazing to see all those “user made” MIDI Remote API scripts already. We didn’t expect that!

Let’s start a discussion on how to find the best workflow for MIDI Remote script coding.

I could setup a Steinberg-official GitHub repository for the user made MIDI Remote scripts. But I’d like to hear your opinions on that first.



Do it!

+1 for GitHub. It would make it much easier to find scripts, of which I think there will be plenty over time. I think the forum can still be used for wider discussion if you place a link back there (with tags “midi-remote” and “midi-remote-scripts”).

Contributors could also assist with documentation.

I was just about to put mine on GitHub. I’m sure others will do the same. A central place would be a good idea though. There can always be links between them. If there was a central location it would make it easy to find.

One should remember to GNU or some other such license, or at least put in a disclaimer.

Also, with GitHub people could work together as well.
So +1 here.

I would like to do it in a way that the Local folder is the location for the working copy. Of cause you must make sure the Local folder is empty (by rename it “Local_bak” or similar).


What about repo name “midiremote-userspace”? Or “midiremote-localscripts”? To make it clear it’s not about the factory scripts within the “Public” folder.
fyi @oqion, @MrSoundman, @digitallysane


I like “Local” in the name, and then in the readme it can be explained not to put them in “Public”. Or maybe make a Local directory that is the only one anyone can push to unless you give them permission to push to Public. IDK, I like to make things complicated.

“midiremote-dev” or perhaps “midiremote-scriptdev” ?

… and there’s also the dev section of the forum (for ASIO etc.)

The Public is sealed at the moment (belongs to the installer). Only The Local can be acquired for that.

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Hi @oqion,
I feel more comfortable with the name “midiremote-userscripts”. And the naming “Public” and “Local” feel a bit strange already. Of cause it’s too late to change that! :wink:


I hear you. It’s very Windows System sounding.

I think “user” indicates more clearly what this is about, so I’d favour any version that uses “user” rather than “local”.

Ok, I’m actually not a native “GitHubian”. So which license makes sense here? “The Unlicense”? Or good old “MIT”?

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It’s not going to make a difference in Germany. And usually if you are in a corporate setting, you can’t use Unlicense forks. MIT will protect against most US lawsuits and the like. If it is one or the other, MIT is typically better.

I always use GPL out of habit.

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I think MIT is usually the way to go for these type of projects. GPL is similar but a bit more restrictive.


I could also see this moving into the Soundmondo world.