Cubase Mixdown & iTunes

I just imported a commercial CD to iTunes. It has all the artist name, song names, album name, lenght and so on all correct and all songs are in correct order without numbers in front of the song names.

How can I export my mixes from Cubase, so that the mixes have this metadata, that when I put my mixes into Cubase, everything is correct order (with the artist/album names…) like in that commercial CD?

CD is 44,1kHz, 16-bit wav file, right? So why exported wav file from Cubase doesn´t work? Do I need Wavelab for this?

I use a free app called Mp3tag to change all the tags in my MP3s when I need to. You can set some of them through Cubase in various places (e.g. project setup, export window) but I’ve always found it simpler to set them later with Mp3tag.

I don’t understand your last question… My Cubase can export as 44.1KHz 16bit WAV, doesn’t yours?

[Just a note that CD quality is 44.1kHz 16 bit, but it isn’t a WAV file until until you rip it and store it on your hard disk in WAV format. You could also rip as AIFF or FLAC, all would store the same CD quality of audio]


If you export mixdown as WAV, 44.1 / 16-bit, you should be fine. I can do just that and immediately burn the files to a CD.

I mean I export 24-bit, 44.1kHz wav files. Can I have those nicely organized in iTunes and other media players?

Sadly, all you can write for ID3 tags are artist, album, style, and notes.

And no, you can’t make an audio CD of 24-bit files. You have to export to 16-bits (add a dither plugin at end of your mix bus inserts set to 16-bit, if you have one)

Sonnox Codec Toolbox

I don´t want to make an audio CD. I just want my exported 24-bit wav tracks organized in iTunes with all the correct metadata with artist, album, track numbers and so on… Is that possible? Or not possible? Or do I need Wavelab?

How can I do this?

It was this from your first post that sounded an awful lot like you wanted to make a CD:

Anyway, no. You cannot add all the iTunes metadata to a WAV, with any DAW. iTunes can’t read it. It can read metadata from AIFF files though. But, again, in Cubase you’d only be able to add artist, album, notes.