Cubase Mixer - Reset all Peak Meter Values - How?

Is there a way to reset all peak meter values in the mixer with one click?

Sorry if this is obvious but I could not find it. At the moment I have to go to every channel one by one and click reset. Sure there is another way?


I’ve always set up a key command for this.
I assign the “esc” key on the qwerty keyboard & also a spare button on my mouse.
…then whatever I’m at, I can quickly reset the peak meters.
It’s available in the “Mixer” group of KB shortcuts, iirc.

Cheers, that’s something I’ll use even though it hadn’t occured to me yet that I needed it :wink:

thanks, but I was looking for a way to reset ALL channels in the mixer with one click.

ok checked it out and it does reset all channels. great tip! thanks! I also used ESC

No problem !!