Cubase Mixer SOLO track view only


I have searched about for this functionality and cant find it or find posts on the internet…

Is there a way to setup one of the Cubase mixer views to ONLY show tracks in solo mode and there routing??

For example… if I solo a snare track and open the mixer view, the only channels I would see are: the snare track, the channels and FX it is sent to, the group bus it is routed to and the stereo bus… So I would have a mixer view dedicated to the path of the snare and all the processing effecting that track. As I solo additional tracks they would appear in the mixer along with their FX and group channels!?

I realise as I add more and more solo’d tracks that the mixer would fill very quickly, especially with complex routing BUT I think it would really help whilst mixing to be able to solo a group channel, open a mixer and ONLY see all the tracks routed to that group and any additional routing (SENDS etc)

Am i missing something? is there already a way to do this? Or is there a better way to work that I have missed?


I don’t know how to make it follow solo mode. Maybe if you are good at using Logical editor.

But you have a few options in Channel visibility agents tab.

Show only selected channels
Show channels that are connected to first selected channel

The second one might work with your snare track example. But you need to have the snare track selected and limitation to this is if you have selected more than one channel, it will stil show only channels connected to “first selected channel”

Perhaps not exactly according to what you have in mind, but I believe this is more or less the idea behind the Channel Settings window which lets you navigate similarly to what your thinking. The “e” button opens the Channel settings window for any channel. See the Operation Manual Pg. 344 on how to utilize this.

Thank you for both replies, I looked into both and I believe I can do it by using both your tips and the manual gave me a little more info.

Shame there isn’t an option for Solo’d tracks, I think that would be quite useful, still need to optimize my work flow with the new mixer, once I’ve done that, perhaps it will be less important for me

thanks for our help