Cubase models 6/7 and Asus laptop problem. Help appreciated!

Hello all,

I have been using this laptop with Cubase 7 upgraded from 6 without problem.
However a few times I had to reset the laptop and re install cubase, once from a constant blue screen bug in the system (according to the laptop tech) and second time due to login password not being accepted (i know for certain it was right) Since then i have several problems with Cubase 7.

I know it has a lot of bugs which updates solve.
Despite the buffer size audio breaks and pops and realtime peaks constantly on the vst meter with only two or three tracks.

I then started using cubase 6 with no problems untill today. Both 6 and 7 were constantly crashing as well as a new problem just the sound cutting out. Both on cubase and other functions such as youtube and windows media player. The input meters were still working though on both cubase and windows.
I wont rule it out but im sure it is not that seeing as apart from when the computer and cubase crashes works fine. I have simply had enough seeing as today between them both the computer and cubase models 6 and 7 crashed 8 times forcing me to restart the computer to get the sound back only for it to lose sound or crash 10 minutes later. So what do you guys think, is it likely to be Cubase or could my computer have developed a problem?

Asus laptop, Windows 7, 8GB Ram,
500GB HDD intel pentium dual core 2.20GHz Processor
Interface: Focusrite scarlet 2i2

Thanks guys Kayde

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Blue screens of death are related to problems with the Hardware.
This is not a bug so I am moving this thread to the general forum, you should read the following article: Optimizing Windows for DAWs

You could download the DPC Latency Checker tool and the LatencyMon software to diagnose your system.

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