Cubase Msg: Could Not Create Record File.

I pulled a old Cubase Project file from a backup copy residing on a USB attached hard drive. The audio tracks in the project all seemed to load up appropriately. But each time I try to work on a track it comes up with the following MSG: “Could Not Create Record File”. I reviewed the Pool audio file status for this project and all the files are properly listed, named, the Wave file images are there, and the file status indicates “Record”. I have tried Converting and Conforming these files, and Cubase, indicates the files conform, or were converted? I cannot record any new material to this project? I can edit the tracks, add and delete inserts, playback, mix… etc., but I cannot find a solution for the Record File MSG, nor can I record any new material to existing or new tracks? Looking for a resolution so I can revisit these tracks and complete this project!

I take it you copied the files to your hard drive first?

Have a look at the write permissions they are probably read only!

I believe I opened it directly from the back-up. Thank You for bringing that to my attention. Not copying the files to my hard-drive is most probably the issue… Simple Things… Thanks…