Cubase multi-monitor support (wishlist)

Dear Steinberg,
can you guys please add proper multi-monitor support for PC version of your software. I have cubase 6 full version and even though I can put some windows in “on top” mode the second I click something outside cubase all the windows on the second monitor disappear… this is very annoying!

Does anyone here know how to put beat designer “on top” or make it float, I need to place that on the other monitor.


First, having all the child windows disappear when clicking out of the parent application is normal operation for that old windowing implementation. Until they modernize the interface, that is working correctly.

Beat Designer pops up in an editor window instead of a stand alone child plugin window. So it doesn’t have the option for “always on top”. There are quite of few of these I’d like to see available as child windows, like media bay and its variations. But, my guess is we’ll see a new windowing implementation in an upcoming version before a change in the way the current individual windows behave in the existing windowing system.

Annoying isn’t it, also, and this is a BIG ONE, “moving the cursor to play location”, why do I have to go to the ruler to select play location? I should be able to “left click” anywhere in the track to bring the cursor to that location, I find that extremely counterproductive.

+1 (So annoying with years of Wavelab experience)

Luck, Arjan

Actually that is counter productive in a multi-lane editing scenario, with cycle recording markers and other types of editing where you want to select an event but leave the cursor where it is. It does work the way you want in the single task editors, which is the way it should be. Also, you can enable clicking in “open” area placement of the cursor. So, it isn’t just the timeline that you click in.

Also, if you put the timeline in the split track, you can always have it right on top of the events you are working on, so it isn’t hard to click in it.

adding extra ruler, is what i have been doing, but for quick midi editing it is helpful to be able to bring the cursor right at the edit point and go into key editor by double-clicking, single tasks work perfectly, and are very logical. But i still thing you should have an option in preference, click cursor to location or something.

‘Preference > Transport’ put a check mark on ‘Locate when Clicked in Empty Space’. Isn’t this what you’re looking for?


Hey, that may be good enough for me! I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Luck, Arjan

jose7822: Thanks, yes this helps “blank spot” is still far more intuitive then the ruler when it comes to editing.

this helps…