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Hi Cubase,

I am curious, if you have a course about Cubase Music Production - from basic to advanced level - taught by - Cubase 12 Experts - spanning through all the basic and fundamentals of - sound, audio- and production via your app/DAW ?

Please let me know.

I know there is a lot available via youtube and other sites, but really curious to know if there is an in-depth course that you offer ?

Yes , Steinberg now have authorized training centers , depending where you are in the world . They don’t offer anything online i’m afraid that’s accredited .
One college in the UK has just gained a Steinberg Accreditation for training so they do exist

Groove 3 has a bunch of in-depth video tutorials on Cubase. Also don’t ignore titles that are for older versions like Cubase 9 or 10 since almost everything in them will still be applicable in 12 (or 13?). The most cost effective way to use Groove 3 is to get an all access pass for a month or two and binge watch.

Even though it’s not an official Steinberg thing, Chris Selim offers (paid) online Cubase courses:

I haven’t tried the course, but I’ve watched plenty of his (free) videos, and he is truly a Cubase expert, and a great teacher, so you probably can’t go wrong with this!

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Also, check out @Martin.Jirsak who is here on the forum.

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I was a long time user of Cakewalk/Sonar, but decided to switch to Cubase. I was shocked by the steep learning curve. I checked online and settled on two sources after reviewing some of the free sessions on YouTube. I can recommend “Born to Produce” and “One Man and His Songs”. The former has inexpensive courses and the latter is by voluntary contribution. Both are Cubase specific. Check them out. Much less expensive than Groove 3, I think!

Likely, but Groove 3 also has a huge breadth of offerings which adds a lot of value.

I did not know about Groove 3, but the courses I took with up to 37 episodes, at the Groove 3 price would be over $1,000.
But, whatever floats your boat!

How do you figure that?

A full year pass runs $150, so I guess if it’s going to take you over 6 years to watch the courses then it would indeed cost $1000.

That guy rules! I just ran across his Halion 7 walkthrough yesterday and it’s going to take me like a week to get through all the videos for that and Groove Agent haha.

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Don’t forget the Greg’s Hang Outs (Club Cubase Q&A) its free in YouTube and a lot of information

I have found this to be very helpful:

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Another vote for Anthony at his channel.! Really deep-dive info/detail. Technical knowledge, practical explanation… I’ve not even got H7 yet to experiment on, but enjoy soaking in some of his tutorials all the same… :smile:
Halion 7 Tutorial #1 - Our First Look at Halion 7 - YouTube

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I have to get through the Halion and Groove Agent courses too!



I have to do the same!


The pricing I saw was $30 per topic. I did not look for or see an annual subscription.
I would have liked to have seen a sample video. But, in the end, one must get into Cubase and do the work with one’s own music
to shoot for full understanding.



Oh, that’s to actually purchase the title, not just view it. It lets you download all the files and re-watch whenever you like for the rest of your life. Can’t imagine most folks would want to do that, but who knows. I think a monthly pass runs $15.

They were purchased by Hal Leonard awhile back (which did add bunch of songbooks & book books to their catalog), and it looks like they have done a big update on their website. Which does look a lot better, but some things like the pass info seem kind of buried.

The video titles typically have an episode or two that’s open to anyone to watch.

Thanks! I will check it out!
. “One Man and His Songs” , if one donates, allows the download of the Project itself so that one can work along with what is being presented.

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Yes.! :smile: :+1:

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