Cubase Native on M1

Actually Steinberg promised to have Cubase 12 completely supporting NATIVE M1 silicon. IF then all used plugins/VST Instruments are also able to run on M1 native the full application (host and plugs) will run M1 native, if only one does not, it has to be compatiblilty mode (Rosetta). Same for Studio One. I read that another DAW managed to support a mixed mode, but can’t say which. In most cases it will be no mixed mode. M1 native or Rosetta (depending on the used software). And Cubase 11.0.40 can run on M1 Macs if the application is running in compatibility mode, not native. That also applies for the 3rd party software parts. It is - my personal opinion, not even owning M1 Mac - disapointing that native M1 support is not a free update as it comes with Cubase 12. Steinberg did not the best move in that reagard imho. Technically there are lot of misunderstandings in the Apple community as they do not understand how their OS handles the new hardware and how software can be used, even if not written for the new Silicon.