Cubase Native on M1

Fl Studio, Studio One and starting from today, Ableton are M1 native. To mention that all of these updates where free. Does anyone knows when Cubase will be M1 native? Will be a free update or will be included in cubase 11.5 and we will have to pay for it? Thank you



You can always find the latest official and public information here.

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Thank you! It seems that they testing the native version!

There are any news about when the native M1 version will be released?

Waves just updated all their plugins to be M1-native in M1-native DAWS, Rosetta2-compatible in most Rosetta2-compatible DAWs, but in Cubase Pro.? … nope.

Come on Steinberg!

UPDATE OCT 12: Waves removed all mention of Cubase from the page. It previously included it on the “does not work” list. How mysterious.

UPDATE OCT19: Waves now says for Cubase Pro 11.0.40 " Waves plugins load and work … within Apple Rosetta 2:" Yay!

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Hmm… reviewed the link @Martin.Jirsak posted above. Testing still ongoing for native Apple silicon M1 support. I’d guess it’ll all be ready in time for the upcoming round of main version updates…

That page also clearly states (current versions of) Cubase/Nuendo/Dorico/Wavelab as ‘compatible’ via Rosetta2 app (running on Apple silicon based Macs). Not sure how/what Waves have missed here… Is it me.?

Might be an error.
They also state that Digital Performer as not compatible but it has Native M1 support since V11.

Waves guys are idiots they stated on they’re Facebook page that cubase doesn’t run on M1. Waves 13 plugins work without any problem on cubase on M1 via Rosetta!

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The waves page posted on here (Apple M1 Support for Waves Plugins) just states that they are not supported on M1 machines, doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Never really liked the “supported” terminology to be honest.

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My understanding is that

  1. steinberg claims Cubase pro works reliably on M1 macs via Rosetta2. (ie. It functions ok but without performance advantages of native code )
  2. major supplier of VST plug-ins, Waves, has tested their latest universal plug-ins in various DAWS and says they work in some but not reliably in Cubase. I suppose another way of saying is that (a) Cubase does not fulfil the VST host spec correctly when running under Rosetta2? or (b) waves have not followed the VST spec correctly?

commenters here suggest the answer is (c) waves v13 plug-ins work fine in Cubase Pro on m1 macs but Waves have done their testing wrong? seems unlikely.

Your understanding is bad. Waves read the faq of Steinberg 1 year ago and left it like this. I don’t think that they ever tested with any daw beside the ones that own in theirs offices. Cubase is compatible with M1 trough Rosseta 2.

  1. i don’t agree with your assumption that a major pro supplier like Waves, releasing a new version (v13) of all their plugins this week, just looked at a steinberg faq 12 months ago, and decided not to do testing. why would waves offer VST format then not care about Cubase?
  2. they have a section in their release notes for “works under Rosetta2 but is not officially supported” and a list of DAWS are mentioned. That’s where we want to see Cubase.
  3. they also have a list for “does not work”, which until today, included Cubase. Now (oct12) there is no mention of Cubase anywhere on the page! Maybe steinberg asked them to remove it because they would rather communicate nothing than admit bad news? That is their usual style.
    Apple Silicon Support for Waves Plugins | Waves

The answer they gave to a user on their Facebook page about this issues was “Cubase is not yet compatible with Apple M1 so the plugins won’t work until Cubase will be upgraded” and they attached the Steinberg’s link where it clearly says that Cubase works on M1 under Rosetta and they are testing the native version. For me this means not they did not test it, but they didn’t actually read what they shared about cubase compatibility.

Here is a quick conversation with Waves…

Waves now says for Cubase Pro 11.0.40: " Waves plugins load and work … within Apple Rosetta 2:" Great news.

I understand this means the plugins run apple-silicon-natively, even though Cubase still runs under Rosetta2, so we should see some performance improvement?

Sad that that Steinberg hasn’t re-versioned Cubase Pro for the new Mac CPUs yet, more than a year after the hardware and software was released to developers.

Waves guys are idiots unless you give them some money. Their plugins are universal, meaning that work and should be use in native when run in a native daw and work and should be used with Rosetta 2 when run in a Intel daw. I use waves plugins (V13) everyday on Cubase Pro 11.0.41 in Rosetta mode

Check their site. They realized the mistake and now they work also in cubase

Studo One is M1 native with its factory plugins but if any plugins used in a session are not native Silicon compatible then the entire session runs in Rosetta 2:

I hope a native M1 version is available soon. Cubase 13 may not be appreciated without native M1 support and therefore not even purchased on my part. The problems generated by your delay in this sense are on the agenda especially for those composers who use multiple DAWs (for a very difficult management of their plugins see spitfire). Get a move on!

Ooh! When will that be released?