Cubase Needs Proper 808 glide and sequencer.

Make the sampler track glide the 808 the right way. You can already kind of do this but it sounds off. I can use 3rd party plugins to do this but the sampler track is already 80 percent there, just fix it. Enhance the drum editor similar to studio ones pattern eilditor. Make this features available in elements version. Hip hop is the number one genre currently today a simple 808 glide can be done in every other daw except cubase.

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This is a terrible non-descriptive title for a relatively niche quirk. Typically speaking, people don’t click or engage in this kind of thread just based off the title of it. It’s annoying.

Thank you for your input.

You can edit the title - if you include what the problem/suggestion is in the title - people who feel relativity in the issue you are presenting will engage in the thread and help you promote the issue - thus getting a bigger chance of actually being addressed/seen by Steinberg.

I do my 808 slides in halion. There is a glide setting in there. Not sure if sonic se has glide.

You can glide with a pitch bend or a porta? You can try doing a pitch enveloped. I really like FL’s glide note on the piano roll. I tend to use Serum or Retrologue for my 808s and both have better porta features that make it easier to glide, but I think I agree with you. It would be cool if there were an easier way to do it.

I totally agree with you on the next Update there should be a glide Function specially for 808s that would enhance the Work Flow so much ! instead of tweaking around do this and that routing (taking me lightyears) and than it doesn’t work at all :pensive:I hope Steinberg sees this !?! since Cubase is a Powerful DAW with no glide function , that’s quit unfortunate…

I know what you mean but Steinberg probably won’t know what you mean.

I will translate your request for them.

Add portamento bends from a note to another note at any point in that note. The pitch bend wheel on a keyboard only does 2 notes up or down or whatever the synth allows. DAWs like FL studio allow the ability to bend a note up or down at any point in that note to any note.


FL can only do it with internal plugins. Likewise if Cubase have the feature at least for Sampler Track that would be good.

Are you sure about this? I’ve seen people do it for 808 basses in FL Studio all the time but maybe they were using a one shot 808 sample.

Yes I agree, even on the sampler track would be good.

Obviously it would be more awesome if it worked with Kontakt. But even just the Steinberg sampler is better than nothing.

Probably. The piano roll slide, portamento feature is exclusive to FL plugins which also includes the native sample player.

I see. Well Steinberg should allow it for Cubase plugins and the sample player then. Since Steinberg invented VST, they should be the ones to do it. That way they can merge it over to the next VST format whenever that happens like VST4, just like what they did with the note expression feature in VST3 which mainly worked with Steinberg instruments at first since VST3 was not common when the note expression feature first came out.

I would like to +1 for this feature. I am a heavy Cubase and FL user and the ability to slide/glide notes the same as the FL implementation would mean I could abandon FL almost completely (aside from collaborations with others), and seems to be a relatively requested feature on the forums.

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I think Steinberg has kind of addressed these things in Cubase 11. It’s not implemented like FL (and I don’t think they ever will replicate that), but these are pretty good solutions Cubase style:

Check “New Sampler Track” and “Easy Bending :wink:” timestamps in the above video.

Thanks for the response kabervasuki, that does seem pretty easy and ill be giving it a go. Many thanks for your time, I appreciate you getting back to me.

Ok, slight update, I gave this a try and it seems the sampler track doesn’t do pitchbend to one shots.

Quite honestly, the FL implementation should be considered. Have separate notes called glide notes and it works amazing, even with the “official” workflow documented in the hang outs, its clunky, slow and not creative. Just my opinion of course, but if Cubase wants to keep up with other daws (and lap others, Pro Tools etc) then I think this would be a worthwhile implementation.