Cubase never closes

Since 6.0.3 (was happening a bit in 6.0.2) Cubase never closes a project down I always have to kill it using device manager. Is this the same with everyone?

I realise that is a bit vague: let me give some more details, two situations:

  1. Cubase always needs killing when I close the program
  2. Cubase sometimes needs killing when I close a project

I thoughat one point it was due to Jamstix running under JBridge however it happens on projects without Jamstix as well.

My setup:
Cubase 6.03 64 bit running on Windows 7 64 bit

Aloha K
Happens here as well.
I’m on a Mac.
It started with 6.03 but since as far back as 6.0,
saving any song takes longer than saving
the same song in C5. Things sometime just hang.


I wonder if there is any way of gathering more about the error to help Steinberg fix it?

For Windows 7 users the workaround is to change compatibility mode to Vista and privilege level as Administrator.
That seems to fix the hang/crash on close issue (don´t know why but it works for some users).