Cubase, new PC, internal audio interface

Haven’t been posting in a long while so I hope I’m doing this in the right forum.

I’m thinking of getting a new PC. Anyone know if “Sound Blaster Audigy Fx” will work with my Cubase 11 Pro? I’m on a budget and have been used to my workflow with my old MAudio Delta PCI soundcard.

Would it be an unwise choice with a PCI soundcard if I were to upgrade to Cubase 12 and also I guess be forced to run on Windows 11 on a new PC?

Do yourself a favor : avoid the Soundblaster solution. Look just at the connectors and the lack of any decent ASIO driver : what are you expecting from it ? :thinking:

If it is still working, I’d rather try to reinstall the MAudio delta with the most recent driver version, if there is a 64 bits version available : it’s been known, at the time, to work reliably and, at least, designed as a true audio/MIDI interface to go with an audio/MIDI host. If it no longer works, there are many alternate solutions which will work much better, as true audio/MIDI interfaces with dedicated ASIO drivers, than the Sounbdblaster one.

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Thank you very much for your help.

Running Delta 1010 with Win7 64 bit drivers in Windows 10 22H2, Nuendo 12.0.60, working like a charm, tracking, using vstis, libraries, mixing, at 64 buffer, super small latency, i7 8700k all-core oc to 4.8Ghz.

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You can easily find a decent USB audio interface for under $100 on the used market.
About anything will be better than a SB.
Just check the manufacturer’s website before buying, to make sure they have up to date ASIO drivers.

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Thank you. I was also thinking about reusing the old Maudio Delta but it turns out most new motherboards apparently don’t even have PCI slots anymore, so I guess another USB interface is a better choice.
I was recommended an SSL 2+ - but I’ve never heard of that brand before.
This one:

Thank you - I will to that :slight_smile:

I’m checking out this that was recommended to me:

That’s a fine choice.
The market currently has a plethora of USB audio interfaces in the $100-200 price range and they’re all more similar than different. I would figure out my budget and what I/O requirements I have and narrow it down from there. Focusrite, PreSonus and Universal Audio are a few popular brands that offer interfaces in that price range. Steinberg also makes their own price friendly interfaces, but I have no personal experience with them.

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Nice indeed , but you are paying way too much for the SSL name for no real benefit!!
Considering you just wanted to improve from a bult-in/SB audio, you should be quite happy with 10 other models costing 3x or 4x less money on that same website! Focusrite and Presonus are popular budget options, but I would not hesitate to consider Behringer as well.