Cubase newbie-need UA Apollo help-

Hello All, I’m a new Cubase user, after several decades with MOTU Digital Performer, I’m considering switching full-time to Cubase due to what I believe are inherent issues with DP that I hope can be resolved with Cubase. (Namely, excessive latency and inefficient processor core use).

Anyway, I’m currently unable to view/use all 8 physical hardware outs on my Apollo x8. I don’t see a way to activate them within “audio connections”.

I do have the universal audio thunderbolt hardware device selected, but it’s only giving me main out L/R, which, of course are 1-2. Missing 3-8.

I always run these as 4 stereo pairs. I like to have them available during tracking. Of course, at mixdown, I bus everything to the mix bus and only use main outs…

Not sure how to add these physical outputs. I do see all the other Console I/O available like ADAT, etc.

. Any help would be appreciated and thank you.

I’m assuming you have the correct Apollo ASIO driver selected.
Thinking out loud here, I believe UA ASIO drivers are multi-client capable, so I’m wondering if there might be another application in use that is tagging those outputs as already in use…?
Could you post a screenshot of your Audio Connections page?

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Hi Greg,

i´m using an Apollo Silverface here via Thunderbolt as well in Cubase, i´m able to access all input and output channels just fine.

perhaps you can post some screenshot so that we are able to see and hopefully spot the issue

  1. Studio Settings, choose the Universal Audio Thunderbolt Asio Driver
  2. go to Audio Connections

by default, you only see a Stereo In Left and Right, you will need to add all the channels manually to the configuration, this does not happen automatically

hit the “add Bus” button on the top and add all the channels, on the right side you can name the channel, on the left side you can choose the device-port once done you can save this as an preset
the same you then do for your outputs

you can setup mono busses and stereo busses already from the begin

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Thank you both, I suspect you’re both correct, I might not have chosen the ASIO driver, but I do see the universal audio thunderbolt hardware option appear and I do click on that. But that probably doesn’t support multiple outs.

I’m away from studio right now but let me look into this this evening, and I’ll respond back to this thread. I feel like Cubase is going to offer me a lot of wonderful support through this community and also a pretty awesome product.

I’ve been a midi/audio producer since the late 80s so pretty well versed and how things work but only in digital performer! :slight_smile:


Hello again all. I dove back into Cubase 13 tonight–still unable to see all the Apollo x8 hardware outs from Cubase. I do not see an option for an Apollo ASIO driver, it only shows Universal Audio Thunderbolt as an available I/O. (no ASIO).

When looking at Audio Connections, it only shows the Main Outs L/R.  However, looking at Studio Setup, all the available I/O that the Apollo x8/Console provide are visible as mono channels.    

I took 2 screenshots, will post them here to see if they generate any ideas/solutions to from the group. Admittedly I’m brand-new to Cubase so it’s quite likely I’m overlooking something obvious!

good morning Greg

1st screenshot, the driver you selected is correct and you see all the available ports from the Audio interface, thats good

in the 2nd screenshot, you will need to click on the add bus button and then setup all the channels manually, or at least the ones that you need.


once you have that done, you can save it as a preset so you dont need to do it over and over again :slight_smile:


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