Cubase Newbie Please Help

Hi folks - I am running Cubase Artist 9.5. I have a .WAV loop I want to use. It was recorded at 126 rpm but I need it for a project that is 120 bpm. Whatever time manipulation method I try to use, nothing happens. I am COMPLETELY perplexed. I have read about other people using the Media browser docked and hitting the ‘Align Beats to Project’ feature but nothing changes. If I do Time Stretch nothing happens. I guess I am just clueless, but I can find no way to do it and no help topic through Cubase. I know it is the easiest of the easy to do and yet I completely fail. Grateful for any hints. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

If you drop it to the project, Cubase detects the tempo. If you enable Musical Mode (in the Info line, once the audio event is selected; or in the Pool), the loop matches the Tempo project (if the detection was made correctly).

You can also adjust it manually by using Sizing Apply Time Stretch tool, which is bellow the Object Selection (Arrow) tool.

Wow - so simple and yet not very obvious from the help. Thanks!