Cubase Noise Gate question

I am trying to use the Gate to remove some static in a track. The static starts a couple bars before the music and its quite low volume, lower than the music … if I use the Gate to remove eg everything below -80db it removes the static in the first 2 bars.
Is it also removing it from the rest of the track or just the part at the beginning?

It’s either open or closed. When it’s open it lets everything through.

Once the part kicks in, yes, the static is still there, but, is most likely “buried” in the track (in the full mix).

The gate has three states, Open (Green), Intermediate (Yellow) and Closed (Red). If you can still hear the Static in the track when the part is playing and the gate is “Open” or “Intermediate” (in the mix), then, you have, I fear, a problem recording. You may be able to EQ out some of static with Cuts, but beyond that I think you’ll need more advanced audio restoration software. Good luck.

Just size the part to start where the content starts. For tasks like this I wouldn’t waste time with a noise gate.