cubase not connecting with line 6 UX1

hey guys, i recently purchased the Line 6 POD studio UX1, ive got the Pod Farm and all of its drivers installed and ready to go. it came with a free license to cubase LE which i got the activation code for and downloaded the cubase download assistant and pulled up cubase LE. Im attempting to record guitar riffswith this but my problem is cubase is not recording, when i strum cubase is picking up something because i can see the EQ move up and down. Ive went into the studio tab and chose the asio drvier but the port drivers just say send 1,2 etc… not line 6 Ux1… im missing something simple here as im new to cubase…

Did you select the Line6 ASIO driver and not the generic ASIO driver?

Also do you mean you can see the meters move and not EQ?

Did you route the input channel to an audiotrack and record enable it?

when i boot up cubase it asks me which driver i want to use, i have a choice between ASIO Ux1 and the generic low latency ASIO driver, so i choose ASIO UX1 and hit ok, and open up a new session in cubase. plug my guitar in and strum i see the meters move on the EQ but no recording. checked the studio tab under studio setup and select the ASIO UX1 under the VST Audio system. still wont record.

Do you mean the meters next to the fader? That is not an EQ.

Anyway, you need to create an audio track with the input routed from the input track. Then arm the audio track by pushing the record button on the track (not the transport) and also enable monitoring on the track (The yellow button next to the record arming button)

ok i created an audio track, red rrecord button and yellow monitor button is armed, but i have no idea where i need to go to route the interface

I think you need to do some manual reading and watching some youtube videos. That’s better than me try to explain the whole process as it seems this is your very first experience with a DAW.

The input tracks in Cubase should reflect the inputs on your interface if you have set it up properly in the studio menu.

Check Vst Connections
And devices settings, particularly check control panel
Hope that helps.