Cubase not detecing USB microphone

Hi all, new Cubase Elements 9.5 user here who is having trouble getting Cubase to find/use my USB microphone, which is connected to my computer.

I’m using the ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver’ and for the “In” ports I can get it to display/use the built-in internal PC microphones, but not the USB microphones. Nor does it display when I click on ‘Control Panel’ and unclick the ‘Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control’.

I have successfully hooked up my MIDI keyboard to Cubase and recorded. I even looked for the USB microphone in the “Midi Port Setup” thinking it might be there too, but no.

The mic is definitely set up on the computer, I used it for other stuff.

Any help or ideas much appreciated!


UPDATE: I was able to solve this by downloading the ASIO4ALL driver, which detected the device.

Not sure if there was a way I could have fixed with the generic driver.