Cubase not detecting mic signal

I set up my M-Track Audio Interface with Cubase and installed the correct driver for the interface. The computer recognised the interface, but Cubase isn’t detecting any signal when I talk into the mic. I have phantom power turned on, the monitor button is on. The LED on my Interface is showing that signal is going into the interface when I talk, but there is no signal going through to my PC. I have tried all the different inputs and still no luck. I’m beginning to think it’s a problem with the Interface, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :smiley:


Make sure the Audio Connections > Inputs includes your input, where is the microphone connected to.

Please share some screenshots:

  • Audio Connections > Inputs
  • Selected Audio track with the visible Input/Output routing.

Here are some pictures. Thanks


I would recommend to add a Mono audio track instead of Stereo.

Where is your microphone connected to (physically)?

What kind of Audio Device is it?

I have already tried adding mono tracks and there’s been no difference. My microphone is plugged into my M-Audio M-Track 2X2 Interface, which is plugged into my pc.
Thanks for the help


But as an Audio device, you use some HD… Audio Device in Cubase (not M-Audio), which seems to be your internal Audio card on your mother board, I would say.

Open Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System and change the ASIO driver to your M-Audio ASIO driver, please.


I changed to m Audio driver and results are the same… no signal from mic


Could you attach a new screenshots, how is it setup now?