Cubase not having VST Audio System

Hello all.
I recently built a PC (windows 10) and switched from Logic to Cubase pro 10. To be honest I’ve had nothing but issues getting this thing up and running. First I was having issues with it loading my plugins and now once I’ve somewhat figured that out… I cant get it to find my Scarlett 2i2.

Everywhere I’ve looked online says: STUDIO > STUDIO SETUP > VST AUDIO SYSTEM.

But mine does not show VST AUDIO SYSTEM nor does it show anything about my scarlett anywhere.

I have the scarlett as the input and output on my PC… but cubase is not finding it.

Someone please help.

As far as I know, that is where you will find the selection of ASIO driver.

Studio Setup Dialog (

How about you post a screen shot so we can also see what isn’t shown.