Cubase not having VST Audio System

Hello all.
I recently built a PC (windows 10) and switched from Logic to Cubase pro 10. To be honest I’ve had nothing but issues getting this thing up and running. First I was having issues with it loading my plugins and now once I’ve somewhat figured that out… I cant get it to find my Scarlett 2i2.

Everywhere I’ve looked online says: STUDIO > STUDIO SETUP > VST AUDIO SYSTEM.

But mine does not show VST AUDIO SYSTEM nor does it show anything about my scarlett anywhere.

I have the scarlett as the input and output on my PC… but cubase is not finding it.

Someone please help.

As far as I know, that is where you will find the selection of ASIO driver.

Studio Setup Dialog (

How about you post a screen shot so we can also see what isn’t shown.

Hello, just wanted to chime in on this. I am also starting to notice a new issue using Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10 x64 w/Focusrite Scarlett. This setup has been working fairly stable for about 6 months. As of a few weeks ago, for some strange reason, Cubase loses connectivity with the audio interface. The only want to restore it is to close and re-open Cubase.

I am still looking through logs to see what is going on.

Same here , I don’t see the VST AUDIO SYSTEM in my Cubase… Help

Since Cubase 9 or 9,5 (I don’t remember now) the menus has changed and internet is full of videos still showing the old setup.

  1. Make sure you have your Scarlett drivers up to date and your Windows can see the device.
  2. Open up Cubase and create a new project and just accept default settings.
  3. Go to the top bar and find Studio and follow this path. Studio > Studio Setup…
    This should show this window.
  4. Go to ASIO Driver and from drop down menu choose your Scarlett driver. If you can’t see it then you have to go back to Windows and check why the driver isn’t loaded properly.
  5. If in step 4 you can see your Scarlett then choose it and press OK.
    To be sure press F4 afterwards to see your Audio Connections.
    There you can check/set up all your inputs and outputs.

And one very important thing I forgot. For all this to work, make sure your interface is connected to your PC and is working. :wink: