Cubase not ignoring some controllers...

Hey guys,

I can’t get Cubase to send some controllers from my ext MIDI controller (74 & 71, for example) to my VST plugin.
It seems they are already assigned to some parameters to the VST remote control. So I’m guessing the remote control is “stealing” them and my VST plugins are not receiving the info. Any way to deactivate the VST remote control? Or another way to go about?

Thanks a bunch!

I suspect the culprit is the VST Quick Controls (in the Devices>Device Setup menu). Either set its entire input to “Not Connected” (but you’d be missing out on some cool features :wink: ), or change the individual controllers to others that you can afford.

Yes, that works!

I was able to just replace those 2 controllers, so I don’t miss that feature!
…which btw I still don’t understand what VTS remote controllers really do :nerd:
Maybe useful within Cubase? (I’m only using VEP instruments).

Thanks so much, that was driving me nuts!

They are most useful when you have a VST Instrument in the VSTi rack… you can control their knobs via MIDI.