Cubase not loading GASE in track

I made a mistake regarding an email offering free upgrade to 11. I have 9.5 Elements. It shows as Cubase LE/AI/Elements so I assumed the upgrade was for all and the actual version upgraded would be based on the version on the PC. After installing LE11 and additional sounds it would not run - no upgradeable licence found, which I presume is because I don’t have an LE licence since I upgraded from LE to Elements. Not only that but it broke my Elements 9.5. Contacted Steinberg and once I realised what I’d done I uninstalled LE11 (as an aside, although this was my error I’m annoyed that I was sent the offer - Steinberg knows what version I have so why think I’d want to downgrade from Elements to LE?). However, uninstalling has not fixed my Elements. I found locations for missing plug-ins and added them back using plug-in manager. GASE5 was not missing from the list in plug-in manager but I double-checked the path etc. I cannot load GASE5 on a new track and existing projects have no GASE5 assigned. I can choose GA from the dropdown under drum, where it should be, but after clicking, nothing happens. It does not load into the rack - the box reverts to select instrument. I’m at my wits end. I have reinstalled GASE5, double-checked the path, ensured it is listed in manager and it is available for selection but will not load. Any insight/help gratefully received.

You have to deinstall GASE5 as well, Elements 9.5 is bundled with an older version…

Many thanks. I will try that, although I thought (could be wrong) that I received an offer to upgrade to SE5 and did that a while ago - long before the 11 upgrade mess.