Cubase not locating audio files

Hi, apologies if this is a common query, I tried searching for it but had trouble finding the correct phrasing.

I recently had a project where some of the audio was taken from an external harddrive. Upon importing the audio I made sure the ‘copy audio to working directory box’ was checked. I was hoping that this would mean that Cubase would look for the audio file within the project folder. However everytime I open the project I need to plug the same external harddrive in again.

How can I make it so any audio I import copies into the same project folder on my computer’s internal drive?


You can use Prepare Archive. It’s in the media drop down menu, that should copy all files to the working directory.

I you indeed have the copies of the files in your ptoject folder, you can just direct Cubase to the folder in the “missing files” popup