Cubase not override dsp mix fx

Recently update my Cubase AI 10.5.12 to 10.5.20 then Cubase AI 11 for my UR44c, just found Cubase doesn’t override dsp mix fx, I cannot mute or solo in Cubase, have to control all channels in dep mix fx, can anyone help me with that?

Hi and welcome,

What Channel exactly do you want to Solo/Mute, please? Could you describe your use case, please?

hi Martin, thanks for your reply. Dspmixfx is integrated in Cubase so normally when Cubase is running Dspmixfx will be deactivated and a message will pop up saying the USB port is used by another software. But in my case that won’t happen any more (it happened before I updated Cubase). Now only Dspmixfx can operate the audio input (mic input), no matter I put audio channel into mute or solo in Cubase, there is always mic input unless I put the channel into mute in Dspmixfx. Seems the connection between Cubase and Dspmixfx is broken.

Do you have direct monitoring turned on in Cubase?

What you describe would happen when direct monitoring is off.


Make sure, in the project there is no Audio track with the input, where the Monitor is enabled permanently, please.

Hi, there is no audio track with input and in Cubase there is no signal in stereo output but there is still mic input sounds like normal. I turned off direct monitoring, I will try turn on the direct monitoring. Thanks a lot.