cubase not recognizing komplete-kontrol keyboard.

did any1 have issues with cubase not recognizing komplete-kontrol keyboard. i installed drivers and restarted but still in devices setup i dont see under MIDI Input/ output Komplete Kontrol DAW Ctrl-1 option.

i did as per this article

FYI i am not using any audio interface, its plugged to my laptop ( win7 64 bit , 4gb ram , cubase 7.5 ) directly, tried different usb port but no good. i have sent a support request to native. does any1here know the fix or am i missing some thing.


I suggest you check other posts related to controllers. I believe there is an issue with MCU type controllers, which I believe is same as the Mackie that you select in the list of controllers.

Maybe a fellow member can chime in?