Cubase not recognizing USB Audio Device

Hello all.

Have just start using Cubase.

I have an Edirol UA-3 Audio Capture.

When I open up Gold Wave (Shareware), Gold Wave has this device listed in the available choices.

When I open up Cubase 7 however, and click Devices-> Device Setup…, the only choices available in the “ASIO Driver” box are:

  • No Driver
  • ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver
  • Generic low latency ASIO Driver

The UA-3 is not one of the options.

What am I doing wrong?



Did you install an ASIO driver for the Edirol? It should be available.

On the same laptop I have a shareware program called GoldWave.
GoldWave recognizes the Edirol, with “UA-3” in the list of devices.
So the driver is indeed on the laptop.

Cubase did not recognize it.
I download the asio4all driver and installed it and selected it in cubase.

Still, cannot record.

Goldwave doesn’t support ASIO.

Cubase prefers ASIO devices. Have you installed an ASIO driver for your audio interface?

I would uninstall/avoid asio4all unless there is no native ASIO support for your interface.

Solution / Answer

  1. Click Windows Start button
  2. Search for ASIO
  3. Double clikc Generic ASIO
  4. Select the device (Input or Output)