Cubase not recording with RME fireface 800


Need your help to set up my RME FF800 and Cubase 5.5.
I have a very simple setup.
One RME FF800 converter
One Condensor Mic
One Headphone
Two Studio monitor speaker system
and One Laptop on Windows 7 home (64bit)

I have installed RME latest fireface driver, firmware and TotalMix. Connected Laptop through TI firewire chipset expresscard 400 ports with RME FF800 firewire 400 port. One condensor mic in mic preamp in the front (channel 7). I have no ADAT or SPDIF, only one analog mic input.
In TotalMix window I see the signal coming through the mic but I am not getting any signal through Cubase 5.
When click the Record in Cubase, it is recording with NO signal.
I think, I am missing something in the setup but failed to understand what is that.

Can someone let me know the solution or the step by step procedure how to set up RME FF800 and Cubase together and what are the checkpoints or validation I should do before start recording ?

Any help is highly appreciated. Let me know if you need any screen shots or attachment.


You need to define your VST connections.

(In other words: Tell Cubase from which FF800 input you wish to record.)

PS: Don’t forget to mark Phantom Power for the desired input in the FF800 settings (unless you microphone has got an own internal battery or an own power supply).

yes, you need to set up an “input bus” then select that input bus on the channel you wish to record on.
page 16 in the PDF operation manual