Cubase not remembering device setup...

Hey everyone. Having a problem getting Cubase to remember my device setups when I load a sequence. Mainly my click fader. Have a Peavey 1600x midi fader and trying to use a fader to control click volume. I go to Device Setup - add - Assign the top fader to Channel 1 and the corresponding midi CC. Tell it to receive and transmit. Then go to the bottom section and set it to fader 1, Metronome, Device, clickLevel, and leave the last section untouched. Works great when the sequence is running. Then if I reboot the machine or close and reopen the session…it disappears and I have to redo it. Anyone experienced this or see something I am doing wrong? This is a pain. Screenshot attached. Thanks in advance.

Cubase v6.0.7
Mac OS10.6.8

Anyone having this problem?

Ah yes, you see that export button? That’s not really an export button, it’s a save button. Don’t ask me why, but you have to export your Generic Remote settings to save them :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, thanks so much. Trying now. This has been annoying me for a month now.