Cubase not saving NI Maschine Projects properly

Having a problem with C6 (& C5.5 previously) not correctly saving Maschine (plug in) project settings .

On opening a previously saved Cubase project Maschine 1.6.2 software shows project samples present- song playback is ok but the hardware does not allow the samples( apart from Pad 1) to played/selected for editing from the pads etc. I can hear the sounds but parameters are not visable on the hardware for editing (my prefered method) which seems really bizzare as i can edit from the software.

As a work around i am having to save a Maschine project for each song then-

  1. Take Maschine out of VST Instrument rack then reload it in- then reactivate channel outputs as required.
    2.Load Machine with sounds (ie.Project)
  2. Reassign each tracks midi channel output in Cubase inspector
  3. Rename each mixer channel again (dropping & reloading the plug from the VST rack as above having lost all the previous track name assignments.)

After this routine the hardware pads can trigger the samples as well as my master keyboard from the relevant track in Cubase ie all good.
Saving a Cubase project should save the complete plug set up- it’s just not saving it all.
As you can imagine every time i need to progress work on a track this longwinded re-set up process is a pain. Pro Tools saves all Maschine settings fine. Has anyone suffered this with Maschine in Cubase?

No problems overhere.
You could try trashing the C6 prefs and restart C6 so all plugs are scanned again.