CUBASE + NUENDO 10 / HiDPI - Bigger Plugins Size (4K) and Issue with menus of the screen. Solution included.

Hi Everyone. Issue and suggestion how to solve it, please read the whole topic.

I suggest you to make Cubase and Nuendo scalable completely (with DPI). So it will be possible to scale it from 50% dpi to 300% freely. Not strictly 100% and 200% only. Make also any Plugin window scalable to any size :exclamation: (while HiDPI is active on 4k monitors). We know, plugins will be a bit blurry then! But is still 100000x better to have a bit blurred plugins - but bigger (as it is normal on standard nonHiDPI setting), as non blurred Cubase/Nuendo (HiDPI mode). Now it is so tiny, you can hardly see what is going on there (even read the fonts) :nerd:

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Just add the option to the DAW on main window + /100%/ - WATCH THIS PICTURE PLEASE.

and add it also to the plugin window. Like on the attached picture.

There is also issue with wrong scaling on 4K monitors. I think, the above mentioned solution can solve this too, when Menus are accidentally off the screen, watch the video here. - YouTube

I bought Cubase9, then updated to 9,5, 10, then crossgraded to Nuendo10 in hope, that this will be solved finally after a few years I am working with Steinberg products. No, it is still there. So please, solve it.

Thx a lot. Petr Fink.

I join you in hoping that Cubase and Nuendo will get arbitrary scaling high DPI support on Windows, not just the integer scaling support found in Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10. High DPI screens are becoming ever more common, especially in the laptop and detachable machines that many of us use at least some of the time. Indeed, I don’t own a standard DPI screen any more - all my devices and external monitors are high DPI.

Crossgrading to Nuendo 10 wasn’t going to solve this issue. Steinberg have said that the release of Nuendo 10 is the first release where Cubase and Nuendo are being released from a unified codebase. With one small exception (VST Transit, which is a Cubase only feature), Nuendo 10 is a superset of Cubase Pro 10. What is not yet clear unless I’ve missed something is what this codebase unification means for the Cubase and Nuendo product cycles - will Nuendo move to annual paid upgrades and will a new version of Nuendo be released at the same time as Cubase or after a time lag?

If there are improvements in Windows high DPI support, both Nuendo and Cubase are likely to get the improvements at broadly the same time.

David… agree with you about the first paragraph

and the second paragraph… yep… I know that. But still I am talking about the problem in the video only (have you seen it)? It is still just a “bug”, it could be solved. There is not a single application on my Windows computer, which is causing this. So I think, this could be solved easily. The “free scaling” could be the option.

I think - so advanced software like Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10 needs this HiRes feature. It is 2019. Why should I struggle for year and more with this weird issue. It is my real everyday pain in the ass. I drives me mad. Imagine to work with your DAW (so advanced stuff) and this will happen every 2-5 minutes. This is happening to me for 1year and some months. :blush: We are working in DAW mostly with our eyes. This is (by my opinion) the most needed feature. For most of us, not only for me. I can’t believe, that this annual 10 version doesn’t include this. And I am not any IT amateur. I think, this not so hard to program it into Cubase10/Nuendo10 engine. And to make at least the option to doublesize the plugin window (even it is not scalable) on HiDPI mode. Just to interpolate the plugin UI to 200%

Hope, someone will solve this all soon. Thank you for your attention David (and Steinberg company)

S1 Vs CU

My screen is for 4k, and when I run Studio One, it works with me smoothly, on any screens, and even waves plugins , studio rack and Native instrument (Kontakt).

I cannot operate it properly and clearly in Cubase, even though Studio One with one press of a button I can fix it, knowing that Studio One sometimes without any thing works automatically.
When will Steinberg prolong this topic? I participated in this forum to share this topic with you. I found many talking about it. I sent a lot of emails to Steinberg a lot about many problems and they not responses.

I know that some other plugins companies bear part of the problem, but since they are working well in Studio One, Steinberg has no excuse for not supporting the screens.
It is not logical to add it in the next update 11 and we buy this update because finally this is not an additional feature this is a basic problem …