CUBASE + NUENDO 10 / HiDPI - Bigger Plugins Size (4K) and Issue with menus of the screen. Solution included.

Hi Everyone. Issue and suggestion how to solve it, please read the whole topic.

I suggest you to make Cubase and Nuendo scalable completely (with DPI). So it will be possible to scale it from 50% dpi to 300% freely. Not strictly 100% and 200% only. Make also any Plugin window scalable to any size :exclamation: (while HiDPI is active on 4k monitors). We know, plugins will be a bit blurry then! But is still 100000x better to have a bit blurred plugins - but bigger (as it is normal on standard nonHiDPI setting), as non blurred Cubase/Nuendo (HiDPI mode). Now it is so tiny, you can hardly see what is going on there (even read the fonts) :nerd:

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Just add the option to the DAW on main window + /100%/ -

and add it also to the plugin window. Like on the attached picture.

There is also issue with wrong scaling on 4K monitors. I think, the above mentioned solution can solve this too, when Menus are accidentally off the screen, watch the video here.

I bought Cubase9, then updated to 9,5, 10, then crossgraded to Nuendo10 in hope, that this will be solved finally after a few years I am working with Steinberg products. No, it is still there. So please, solve it.

Thx a lot. Petr Fink.