Cubase/Nuendo compatibility


  1. Are Cubase/Nuendo projects compatible between one program and the other?

  2. Can I upgrade from Cubase to Nuendo?


  1. Nuendo opens Cubase projects. Only Cubase Pro opens Nuendo projects.

  2. A crossgrade is available.

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Keep in mind that a Nuendo license will not let you run Cubase.

I have it in mind, although it was just a thought, I see Nuendo is superior in many things, and I thought it might be worth it but not sure yet…

Yeah, I’m right there with you on that one. I have one USB-eLicenser already updated to Cubase Pro 11 with the grace period update to 12 and another one sitting there with a Pro 10.5 license which is begging for the Nuendo crossgrade … and another one with Elements 10.5 and HALion Sonic 2 … and another “spare” with all apps time limited and obsolete licenses …

Anyway, in my situation I feel a lot more comfortable “giving up” one of my Cubase licenses. If I only had one, I would be much more reluctant to upgrade. It just seems really weird to me that a Nuendo license won’t let Cubase run. Seems logical, but I guess not.

I would also like to upgrade one of my licenses to run Nuendo, but with a Nuendo license not allowing me to run Cubase as well I’m not going to do it. This restriction seems odd to me and I hope that Steinberg give it some thought.