Cubase/ Nuendo Course suggestions

Hi, I’m very new here, I’m using Logic and Pro Tools for years but now I’m interested in Cubase/Nuendo.
So, I just wonder if you could suggest me any courses for Cubase or Nuendo? I know I could learn by reading the manuals but I just want to speed up the process. I’m also aware there’s tutorial videos here and there on the website but they’re just scratching the surface to me, I want a complete course on how to use Cubase or Nuendo, or at least cover all the basic features and navigating around the interface of the DAW. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Take a look at Groove 3. Their videos are very well structured and organized. Besides courses on using Cubase in general, they also have some on specific topics like Mixing, using the Chord Track or working with Film. Also don’t ignore the courses for older versions of Cubase as those are 99% applicable.

The most cost effective thing is to get an All Access Pass for a month or two.


Another option:

I’ve checked stuff out in there here and there and it was pretty good, but i can’t vouch for how well it does as a comprehensive class.

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Thank you! I’ve known of Groove3, I’ll check it out

Thanks! I’ve learn some courses from them before, will check them out