Cubase/Nuendo dream controller & app

Let’s imagine that we have possibility to create best HW controller or an app for tablet/iPad/touchscreen to control Cubase/Nuendo.

For example, mine is:
Touch screen app where I can control channel editor eq and channel strip with acceptable to control GUI,
add vst by one click/button, and get controls of pop up vst.
Layouts for: editing/mixing/arrangement/

I’m interesting to know what other users would like to see

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I made a little (evolving) checklist for myself on my blog. – I use it for evaluating hardware controllers against what my current personal preferences are.

Caveat: I generally prefer tactile controls over screens, since one can “feel” one’s way around without always having to look at a touch screen away from the DAW screen) to ensure one is hitting the right button. – This concern goes away, if the main DAW screen also is the controlling touch screen.

Semi off-topic, but related side note: Touch screens are one of the big failures of some modern car user interfaces, since they force you to take your eyes off the road. And while a DAW mistake in most cases won’t kill you, a driving mistake most certainly can.

If you’re curious, here’s my blog entry:

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