Cubase/nuendo mac graphics crashes

using both cubase and nuendo (latest v 10 on both) on mac trashcan pro running 10.13.6 with three monitors.

for a while I’ve been getting frequent crashes (either poof or perma beachball) that are invariably caused by opening the GUI on a plugin (many plugins can cause it but don’t always). I’ve looked but not seen a discussion on this specific blight. any ideas?



Could you attach the *.crash file(s), please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Maybe old plug-ins that use the Carbon API?

Nuendo 10.3_2021-07-21-163940_charltons-Mac-Pro.crash (227.5 KB)
Nuendo 10.3_2021-07-21-163708_charltons-Mac-Pro.crash (202.1 KB)

here are a couple. I have a couple more - they all seem slightly different, mostly seg faults.

thank you so much

possible, happens every time w mcdsp limiter (stopped using that) but happens w ozone 9 and a pretty random assortment of others as well.



The crash is at thread 176 and goes over the:

Please, make sure, your Vienna Ensemble is up to date.

you’re a star!! they all are crashing on ve pro. im on latest vepro 5 but may need to move to 6.
thank you!

updating vienna solved the poof crashes but program still hangs with two open ozone windows - trying to narrow this down.

if anyone having similar problem it appears to be tied to having two gui windows open from izotope, waves, mcdsp and whoever else handles graphics the same way. not an issue for steinberg, ua etc. causes beachball every time.

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