Cubase&nuendo ram management suggestions

Hi there,
I am planning to build a new workstation for orchestral templete. But currently, the latest cpu 7950x, 14900ks has only up to 256GB support, and AMD’s threadripper series are too expensive.
Most of the VST are loading the initial note into ram so when we play it, the sampler will find in RAM first and then go to disks. The reason of doing so is the divers used to be high on latency and low reading speed. But nowadays, there are U2 disks and optane disk which has extremely low latency and high 4k performance. I am suggesting that the cubase&nuendo allow the user to choose selected driver to replace function of RAM, so that we will not have to purchase loads of expensive memory or server cpu with high freequency.
And is it possible to set a optane disk as the system virtual memory disk and use it as ram instead?

That’s exactly one of the goals of CXL.mem, but that’s a new feature barely emerging for higher-end server-grade processors. It won’t percolate down into consumer computers until many years still.
So yes, it’s possible today, but quite $$.

In a way, your PC (or Mac) is already doing this by using “virtual memory”, so you could try augmenting your “paging file” settings, but that probably won’t provide better/faster results than letting your VST /CB drivers do their usual job as you described above.

A more realistic workaround with today’s consumer PCs would be to max out on your SSD read performance by using two or more NVMe drives (U.2 or M.2) pref. Gen5 (with a mobo supporting it), and putting them is RAID 0 mode. You could even invest in a RAID card if you want to squeeze the last drop of GB/s performance…
It still won’t be mapped in system RAM as you asked for, but will be bloody fast storage.