Cubase/Nuendo VST MIDI timing - Please pay attention

This scenario repeats both on Windows machine and on Macbook Pro.
No Round Robins here. No external midi or so. Internal midi part timing is imperfect.

Cubase 10.0.20

It looks like the sample start time on the sample you are using needs to be moved forward in the sample editor.

Also, when using the pencil tool are you quantizing to grid as well?

Its not about sample start. Because I got silence for couple bars that means I’m perfect in time and a random sounds. Than means I’m not tight. You can repeat this scenario with different one shot sample.

Sure, but it doesn’t matter also. Because I’m talking about playback timing. Even if it not quantized you should get exacly what you programmed.

Let’s say if you’re doing some drum replacement with groove agent or for example. Spending hours in search of perfect spot for kick or snare.