Cubase + OBS + Focusrite = NEED HELP

I need to figure out how to hook Cubase to OBS so that I can record Zoom meetings, stream and/or record performance videos. I have Cubase Pro 11, Latest OBS, and am using a Focusrite 4i4 3rd generation for an interface.

I tried setting up last night but the videos I watched for Cubase with OBS didn’t jive with the Focusrite Loopback. I can’t get it to work.

I must be missing something and thought another set of eyes would help.

Does anyone have a set-up like this, or know what to do, that could guide me through set up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Haven’t done this myself, but I remember seeing this video from Chris Selim of Mixdown Online who does very good Cubase “How to” videos.

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Hi, you can use the new Blue Cat Connector,only costs 39$ right very well.

You can check the Demo.

Check this video as well

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Do you have Nvidia? Have you tried it’s screen capture tool? I know it will work with the Focusrite loopback. Maybe you can go into more detail about what you tried, and which video and how you set it up.

  • ASIO Plugin in OBS:

GitHub - Andersama/obs-asio: ASIO plugin for OBS-Studio

  • Select ASIO input in OBS
  • The rest is pretty obvious I think but if you are still struggling give me a shout.
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Thank you @SF_Green . Yeah, I like his stuff and I did watch that (Sorry, I should’ve mentioned it). I suspect him using a different interface than mine is the issue.

Thank you @oqion . The only Nvidia I see on my machine is the “Nvidia Desktop Manager.” I use loom for screen capture. Not sure if that means anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pablin_Drummer . I will watch it.

Thank you @Phil_Pendlebury . I’ll look it over.

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Would you be willing to jump on Zoom (or whatever else) and show me how to set it up? I would compensate you. If so, can you DM me your details?

HI @Corey_Koehler , I am a little busy this coming 7-10 days. Let’s do it like this, I’ll have a look for some useful info that already may exist and get it over to you asap. If all else still fails, please DM me anyway and we can sort something.

  • The key to start is, get the OBS ASIO Plugin I linked above and install it.
  • Then route your Cubase output to an ASIO output that you can loopback.
  • Add an ASIO input (source) on OBS and select that route you selected above.
  • You should at least be able to see the signal coming from Cubase into OBS.

Sorry to be brief, out of time for today.


OK. Thanks.

Not sure if you’re already sorted but FWIW I use Voicemeeter Banana to send ASIO audio from Cubase (and my interface directly) to Zoom sessions.