Cubase OBS Output Sound


I use Cubase Artist and i wanna streaming recording with the sound of Cubase in OBS/Streamlabs OBS but it doesnt work. I watched a lot of videos and once it worked. Now it doesn´t work…I tried Voicemeter and restream…but i dont get a sound for OBS…

Try switching the audio device in Cubase to DirectX. You’ll have a higher latency, though.

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You might be interested in trying “Voicemeeter”, it’s free / donationware in its basic version.
A bit tricky at first to get things 100% right, but then everything works quite well.

I’m already thinking about getting one of these Elgato (or similar) video cards, which is recommended if much video streaming is to be done.


Thanks for your help, guys. With restream it works fine. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys you can use Rastream by Cockos reaper. Its free.

Check that video.

When you charged the plugin in your CR,for example, do this (check the picture)

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This is what I do as well and it works like a charm. Super quick to set up and you don’t have to deal with any funky routing or 3rd party programs. Highly recommend!

If your sound card has a Loop input (eg. Focusrite), there is a much better solution.
Install this OBS plugin:

Now you can record the sound from your ASIO devices, including the Loop.