Cubase older versions in support page are trial versions or full?

Hello to all!

I went to the support page and in the download session, there’s the unsupported products where you can find from cubase 8 and back. All are ISO files downloadable along with updates and I wonder if everything there is a trial version or a full one. Im trying to install cubase 7 or 8 on my computer, 64-bit Cubase ONLY needed! If anyone knows to tell me , I’ll be very grateful! is that possible steinberg offers older versions for free and non trial?

I own cubase 5.1.0 and my solution is to buy cubase 11 pro. but if the older versions are offered from steinberg for free , cubase 7 or 8 would be perfect!

They are not free versions.

They will only work with a valid license on the eLicenser dongle.

Those downloads are for individuals who have valid licenses, but lost or misplaced their original installation media.

So if you have a dongle with a Cubase 5 license, then the Cubase 5 download should be usable, but the downloads for anything later would not work.

I do not have cubase 5 license. There’s no way for me to have cubase 7 or 8 ? The only solution to have cubase full is to buy cubase 11 ?

I’m very new to this elicense. I don’t know how it really works! Is there a way to buy elicense and after that, to download cubase 7?

Now I am confused

using a cracked one!

then you should definitely buy Cubase 11

Well they are only going to offer an upgrade to a legit owner.

And Steinberg only sells the latest version. However that license allows you to run earlier versions.

FYI you don’t “own” 5.1.0 - you stole it and now possess it, but ownership no.

You really should do the right thing here…

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Of course I want to buy it so I can be a legit owner. But my question was, in 2021, if my only option is to buy the latest version. from 5 to 11 is a huge difference, and many things to learn.

Having a Cubase 11 license on the eLicenser dongle makes it possible to run most of the older versions – however, unless you also have an older matching operating system, it may not be a very happy experience.

Generally I’d also say, that many things have become easier in the newer versions while still using the same underlying user interface metaphor. So the newer version should bring much more joy.

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I’m having WIN 10 64-bit. And I wanted cubase 7 or later . If you say so, I hope that cubase 11 pro or artist will be easy to use it. I’m a MIDI user mostly, KONTAKT player, EASTWEST libraries etc.

Pretty much everything in Cubase 7 will also be found in Cubase 11 - either exactly the same or an improved version. The improvements are typically additional capabilities, ease of use, or both. Anyone who knows their way around 7 will feel at home in 11.

I had to take a look at what has changed since Cubase 5

The biggest change is the addition of the MixConsole which was a major step forward. Since you focus on MIDI you’ll find lots of new Instruments included.