cubase on c

why is cubase suddenly always saving images/freezes/soundfiles under device “C:” on Windows 7 under “unknown1,2,3…” Folders???

Because this is your defined default folder, and you didn’t create new folders for new projects. Create a different default folder, or create individual folders for each new project.

I always make sure the folder structure is correct in the beginning of a project. Since 6 Years I always had those.
That’s why I counted on the audio/peaks/and the others to be there too. But in my project folder those folder weren’t made and Cubase decided to make them in C: suddenly since the latest two projects. But what has changed to make it behave like that? I’m sure I didn’t do anything different since January. :astonished: Even manually changing those folders to the main folder of the project and letting it find the sounds there doesn’t change much. Next time the peak folder appeared again in C: users.

Maybe It’s time to install the system anew again - I always had troubles after updates without reinstalling the whole computer.

From file menu select new project.

In the hub/assistant window that opens there at the bottom is prompt for project location selected?

Grim, thanks a LOT. :slight_smile:
Indeed it wasn’t selected - I didn’t even know such a selection/function is there.
I’ll have to keep an eye on that one, as I’m used to use a starter project from which I save a new version via template.