Cubase on iMac Pro

Hey All,

How does Cubase do with multicores these days? I’ve read throughout the years that Cubendo does better with higher clock speeds and fewer cores. Is this true?

How do you think it will do on a 8 or 10 core iMac Pro…
I’m also curious if the fan will kick on loudly, which would be a deal breaker.


Download the trial and give it a whirl. :slight_smile: Only you will be able to know if it’s within your standards of acceptability or not. I would say that it would work just fine on an iMac but it’s best to use the trial first.

And a quick heads up: After installing the 9.5.10 patch onto the trial, you will likely get an elicenser “failed to send Getinfo” error in its own popup box, which you can just ignore. I leave the error box in the background and I don’t close it. Cubase still loads.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m a current Cubase user. Have been for years. I don’t have an iMacPro, as they’re not even released yet. The post raises speculative questions about how Cubase might perform on all those cores.

Now that you got your 10 core imac pro, how do you find it?
Are you running 64 buffer with apollo easily? (to play vi’s and stuff).

Also, i notice you are on sierra 10.13.3, the best version for DAW use.

You didn’t happen to save the installer did you? I have been searching for that for weeks, to downgrade a new mac.

Do you ever have the imac pro “kernel panic” issue?

Thanks so much in advance