Cubase on iPad?

Perhaps an satellite version of Cubase could do the job. If the Mac and Windows version of Cubase had an import for the iPad/Android projects and an export option to take a project to the iPad/Android in a minimal version so it would be possible to work on the project wherever you are.

Of course this is just a question of time before the small devices can run full version of Cubase… or whatever you want. :slight_smile:

There are already sequencers available for Android phones, just been looking at a few but obviously there are great limitations, some can only handle 4 bars of audio, that sort of thing.

Caustic looks OK.

I’d rather see that Steinberg sizes down on product versions/lines and focus on C6, N5, W7 and the hardware! :imp:

Aloha m

Nice idea and I agree but probably will not happen
simply because there is more $$$ to be made by
Steiny/Yamy going other direction.


I know man, but I like dreaming…

ipad smipad ,adroid smidroid ,yep fit them all on your mobile and then carry your keyboard ,soundcard(as we all know latancy is the key ) midi ports, controller as you’ll get fucked off with no real knobs to twiddle and then you get half way through making a track and yep your skyped ,AAARRGGHHHHHHH ,why not just release the software free to all nurseries so the under 5’s can use it as well . oohhh while we are at it can i have a version for my 1970’s lcd watch ? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wow, I had no idea there was such hatred for tablets, but that appears to be the case around here.
No saying they are perfect, actually far from it, but I’d still like to see some DAWs in the works for them.
I used to own Cubase VST back in the day when a Windows PC was a less than perfect device for running a DAW and look where they are today. I agree these devices are in their infancy, but like I said above. I would like to Steinberg launch something to compete with Garageband on iPad. Start now and in a couple of releases, it will be one heck of a product.

I think (hint to all star trek fans) that the full potential lies in the surface interface. Meaning that a tablet or touchscreen should have all controls dynamically build as you go on.

Example, when calling up a vst on the main screen you should get all kind off controls on your tablet regarding that vst, or a screen part where your mousepointer is at that moment.

Hello Guys,

I’m new so I apologize if this common knowledge but are there currently any iPad apps to control Cubase via WIFI? For PC as well as Mac?

I thought the current iPads where connecting via WiFi ??

Really!?!??! That would be awesome! Is there an App and is it available for PC as well as Mac?

Oi!, I’m no expert, but I did read it I think when they announced the ipad application the first time when it was made available for iphone users.

So you might look it up in the readme or support document that (should) come with this iApp.

The client app is only for iOS devices such as iphone, itouch and ipad, the server (resides on the cubasehost) should be PC and MAC, but then again this is assumption. I do not own any device from Apple besides a iShuffle (still regret that descission).

But it’s logical that it’s architecture is like assumed here above.

Thanks! And I found the App:
This will be very handy when I want to lay down drums in the other room and I don’t have a monkey to push buttons for me. Anyone here using this app?
Thanks again, I wouldn’t have thought to look for the app if I didn’t see this topic. And I’m sure soon enough it will be available for your watch (sheesh!!).

Well Apple Inc. already has GarageBand on iPad 1+2 so
maybe iPad 3 will be a lot more powerful have a
version of Logic on it.

If that happens IMHO all the other DAW makers
(Steiny included) will have to follow.

Looks like the amplitube for Ipad got an 8 track recorder as well, maybe this is something like a cubbie on a pad?

Loopmash HD for I-Pad is out now



Cool Chris!

When there is a dual 32" pad with 24gig ram and 12 cores, I’m in.

Chris … making loopmash HD is like making judge Sotomayor HD. Some things are better left closeted. :astonished: